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Lovely Pattycake posing in sexy lingerie

Today the lovely sexypattycake is back again to grace your views with more enticing poses. So watch lovely Patty pose around her garage and red car in nothing but her sexy black lingerie. She sure knows how to strike those super sexy poses and she knows she has a very sexy body and uses that knowledge to her advantage always. Patty wanted to surprise you guys so she took another photo session just for you guys. She changed many outfits but our favorite was this one where she’s wearing her sexy lace lingerie. After taking a few shots and close ups she added the glasses in the scene to get a more serious look but actually she ended up looking like this kinky school teacher. Wouldn’t she do an amazing job? Just imagine her in a classroom wearing her high heels, short skirt and a see thru white shirt…nice isn’t it? well don’t miss out our entire gallery and we’ll see you next time with more updates. Enjoy!

sexypattycake-in-black-bra-and glasses

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Sexy waitress

Today’s sexy pattycake galleries features your favorite blonde doing what she does best. Namely posing sexy in some reveling and slutty costumes. Today she takes the role of a horny waitress as she’s coming to your table to serve you while revealing her generous bust. Patty just broke up with her wealthy  sugar daddy and desperately needed some cash so she started searching for a new daddy but with no luck. So she ended up doing what she was hoping to avoid her entire life, working. She found this waitress job at a bar close to her place. She had to wear this horrible  uniform but she didn’t have a choice. She hoped that she could get nice tips to support herself. But after a few days she found out the secret behind this business. The more you show the bigger the tip. So the next day she started showing off her huge juggs and of course she got more money. but after a few days she thought to show a little more and ended up going to work without panties. Well I can say that everyone was surprised especially the girlfriends. but the guys sure enjoyed when she reached to get something of a table.

So enjoy Patty in this awesome gallery update. Bye.


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Sexy Pattycake – dildo fuckin

For today’s sexy pattycake galleries update, we have the smoking hot blonde getting herself dressed in some very sexy and alluring fishnet stockings. So without further due, just go and take a look at this amazing blonde’s gallery and see her take a green dildo fucking her tight teen pussy in this awesome update. Patty got an invite from some friends to go to a St. Patrick party organized by one of her irish friends and she just couldn’t miss a party no matter what she had planned.  So she went close shopping and when the night of the party arrived  she made sure she was in the center of the attention. She bought herself a green hat, a short skirt and of course a yellow top that showed a bit to much. So she enjoyed the party and getting everyone’s attention but unfortunately she came back home still alone, but her old friend was there to help her out. Patty went to her bedroom grabbed her big green dildo and started playing with.



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Short sexy dress and cowgirl boots

As you know sexypattycake is always here to deliver to you her sexiest galleries where she poses in sexy and exciting galleries. So for this one she plays the role of the tomboyish Texan lady. So watch her pose around the place in her trademark sizzling hot poses as she slowly reveals her enticing body to you. Her sugar daddy was off with business in Texas so she decided to surprise him and took some pictures dressed up like a cowgirl. She went shopping and found these amazing boots that she just had to have and then the idea hit her. So she went home and started taking pictures. She started fully clothed but we didn’t want to bore you guys so we jumped to the fun part directly. She was wearing her sexy summer dress, her red lace panties and of course her sexy white bra. She knows that she doesn’t have the entire outfit but she had to brag with her new boots. but afterwards things got way more interesting and she ended up completely naked wearing only her cowgirl boots. So don’t miss out the entire gallery to see her in action. Until next time enjoy!


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SexyPattycake gets rubbed while sleepin

In this sexypattycake update your lovely and sexy blonde Patty was taking a nap. She just looked so peaceful and cute so we didn’t want to wake her up. But she was due to shoot a gallery so we had the guy play around with her while she was sleeping. So watch Patty moan as she gets her tight and horny pussy rubbed. Patty was invited by her ex class mates to a cabin for the weekend to catch up with each other and of course to party like they did in college. But of course Patty had a few extra drinks and ended up in the room fore midnight and forgot to close the door after her. Although she thought everyone is now a grown up that didn’t applied to the boys she was in the same class with. So they went to her room and saw her sleeping with her legs spread wide open and thought to play with her for a bit. So they started pulling her panties and playing with her pussy. She was so tired that she didn’t moved even an inch and the guys continued with their play time.


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Miss Pattycake is a sexy teacher

Today’s update has a very nice and fresh sexy pattycake video where our lovely and sexy blonde takes the role of a retro teacher. So watch her pose around in her sexy teacher outfit as she talks dirty telling you what punishment awaits you should you disobey her word. Patty heard about your requests and the one the got more votes ended up in the next update. as you can all the sexy teacher was a real success and here you have it. I know all of you guys fantasized about one of your teachers if not in high school in college that surely happened. So Patty brought you gift, for all of you dreamers. She put on her sexy red dress her favorite glasses and started fooling around in front of the camera just for your delight. She started with some casual shots and then things got dirtier and dirtier by the picture. So she ended up showing off her huge juggs and of course her fine ass as well. She kept on dropping things on the floor and with a short skirt like hers we just couldn’t take advantage of the situation . So we took as many pictures as we could.

Have fun everyone, and be sure to check back soon for more.


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Pattycake toying her pink pussy to orgasm!

For this update we have the lovely sexy Pattycake masturbating with a huge dildo to pass the time. She was getting really bored this afternoon and since she couldn’t do anything else she just took out her toy for some quality time alone with her horny and eager pussy. So watch her dildo fuck her wet pussy in today’s awesome update. Patty was sad today because she kept on flirting with her hot neighbor and didn’t got anywhere. The other day he came over to help her out with some furniture moving and she tried and tried to get closer to him but with no success and this morning she found out why. When she woke and look on her window she saw this hot redhead jumping on his neck and it was clear to her that he had a girlfriend. But she still had to take care of her needs so she jumped back in bed and reached her night stand and grabbed her favorite dildo from them. She took off her clothes, spread her legs and started stuffing her eager pussy with the blue dildo. If all these burning hot scenes are not enough for you, there is an extra video, so check it out now!


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Sexy Pattycake stripping naked on the stairs

For this hot sexy Pattycake update we have our lovely and sexy blonde teen taking off her tight  clothes again. You know this blonde lady is always feeling naughty and she just ahs to have it her way or she gets sad. So for this one super sexy Patty starts undressing on the stairs to show off her tight teen pussy just for you. Patty just gets naughtier by the scene and this time was no exception. She just arrived home and she had so much time to waste that she decided to clean her dresser. She had such a great time doing it and she remembered some old clothes and of course all kind of related events attached to those clothes. but one outfit in particular brought her the best memories. She just found her black high heels and her white see thru shirt in which she made her first victim, her high school boyfriend. So she tried on the cloths to see if they still fit. And from the looks of it she didn’t aged a bit. So she grabbed her camera and took some shots for you guys as well.


sexypattycake plays with her underwear

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Sexypattycake in fishnets

In today’s update you can see lovely Patty dress up sexy in fishnets at and watch her pose around the set for your enjoyment. She seems to have missed the party that went on and she since she had nothing better to do she just starts posing around while striking some very sexy and enticing poses. Well actually Patty went to to the party but as usual she just couldn’t find someone good enough to bring home.  So she ended up all alone by the end of the party and stayed to help out with the cleaning. The party was hosted by her friend and when she saw her so sad she thought to cheer her up with some photos. So she asked Patty to pose for her and of course that only opened Patty appetite for pictures and things got a bit out of control but nothing you guys wouldn’t enjoy. So don’t miss her out undressing and showing off her amazing curves in front of the camera one more time. Until next time. enjoy it and we’ll be back with more!


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Strip dance from lovely Pattycake

Everyone’s favorite teen porn star sexy Pattycake  is back this week with more pictures for your enjoyment. Today our lovely lady takes some tips on how to use a strip tease dancer pole. So just sit back, relax and enjoy Patty show off her body while dancing on the pole. Patty has many gifts and beside her amazing body, delicious curves and her perky tits she also loves dancing at a pole. She actually learned that a few years ago and thought to show you what she knows with the strip pole. So she dressed comfortable but she just couldn’t leave her high heels and ended up dancing with them. I’m telling you guys she sure has some skills with that pole. You must check out the entire gallery to see what this hot blonde is capable of. And also to enjoy one more time her amazing curves and her lusty moves that make you want to ripped all the cloths off of her. We hope you and joy, and we hope to see you soon. Bye.



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