Rubbed While Sleepin

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In this update your lovely and sexy blonde Sexy Pattycake was taking a nap. She just looked so peaceful and cute so we didn’t want to wake her up. But she was due to shoot a gallery so we had the guy play around with her while she was sleeping. So watch Patty moan as she gets her tight and horny pussy rubbed. Patty was invited by her ex class mates to a cabin for the weekend to catch up with each other and of course to party like they did in college. But of course Patty had a few extra drinks and ended up in the room fore midnight and forgot to close the door after her. Although she thought everyone is now a grown up that didn’t applied to the boys she was in the same class with. So they went to her room and saw her sleeping with her legs spread wide open and thought to play with her for a bit. So they started pulling her panties and playing with her pussy. She was so tired that she didn’t moved even an inch and the guys continued with their play time.

See cute Pattycake getting her pussy rubbed while asleep!