Sexy Waitress

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Today’s Sexy Pattycake galleries features your favorite blonde doing what she does best. Namely posing sexy in some reveling and slutty costumes. Today she takes the role of a horny waitress as she’s coming to your table to serve you while revealing her generous bust. Patty just broke up with her wealthy  sugar daddy and desperately needed some cash so she started searching for a new daddy but with no luck. So she ended up doing what she was hoping to avoid her entire life, working. She found this waitress job at a bar close to her place. She had to wear this horrible  uniform but she didn’t have a choice. She hoped that she could get nice tips to support herself. But after a few days she found out the secret behind this business. The more you show the bigger the tip. So the next day she started showing off her huge juggs and of course she got more money. but after a few days she thought to show a little more and ended up going to work without panties. Well I can say that everyone was surprised especially the girlfriends. but the guys sure enjoyed when she reached to get something of a table.

So enjoy SexyPattycake in this awesome gallery update. Bye.

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